Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet Part 4

Sorry, more stuff! I know I'm being a bad blogger, but once I've finished sorting and listing my things for sale, I promise I'll get back to commenting and hopefully more varied posts!

50s/60s Japanese made heavy cotton 'Playmates' playsuit. Bust 36", waist 32". £16.

70s 'Jersey Josephine' Italian made cotton jersey shift dress. Bust/waist 42", length 38". £7.

 70s 'Cooks of St Paul's' button through cotton dress. Bust 42", waist 38". Length 42". £8.

60s/70s St Michael polyester dress. Button through with hip patch pockets. Bust 40", waist 37", length 39". £8.

70s 'Susie G' cotton sundress with hip patch pockets. Bust 37", waist 30", length 38". £8.

60s floral polyester button through dress with patch pockets. Bust 38", waist 33", length 38". £8.

 60s/70s handmade shift dress. Bust up to 52", waist up to 50", length 40". £6.

 80s does 40s commercially made floral polyester dress with hip pockets. Bust 48", waist 40", length 47". £7.

80s does 40s handmade polyester dress with matching belt. Bust 50", waist 52", length 40". £7.

70s 'Victor Roberts' crimplene button-front dress. Bust 40", waist 37", length 43". £7.

80s 'Sensations' embroidered cotton dress. Bust 38", waist 34", length 46". £6.

70s cotton short-sleeved blouse with pockets. Bust 38". £6.

80s/90s lace knit cotton waistcoat. Bust 38". £6.

As before, if there's anything you're interested in, please email me via my profile or leave me a message here.

There will be one more clothing post and one for shoes and accessories, then it'll be all done.


Miss Magpie said...

I'm interested in this one please '70s 'Victor Roberts' crimplene button-front dress. Bust 40", waist 37", length 43". £7.'

pastcaring said...

Lots of loveliness, but can you let me know if you think the white 80s dress would fit me? I think it would.. Might be a tad big but I could add a belt. So can I reserve it please? Thanks! xxxx