Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet Part 3

Yep, more stuff! Possibly more suited to the actual summer most of the UK is experiencing at the moment. Personally it's a bit too hot for me (I'm more of a 'winter sun' kind of person), but I'll say yes to the sunshine!

Handmade 70s? zip front cotton Church Picnic Dress (phrase coined by Curtise). Bust 40", waist 40", length 41". £8.

70s Spanish made embroidered cotton top. Bust 42". £6.

Another cotton zip front number, by Varrownda', probably 70s. Bust/waist 42", length 40". £7.

Cotton, handmade - anyone seeing a trend here?! Bust 36",waist 34",length 39". £7.

70s cotton handmade sundress. This has been made really well, bound seams, finished facings etc. Bust 35", waist 30", length 40". The shoulder straps have been shortened, so I think you might get another 1.5" in length if you needed it. £10.

80s does 50s cotton button front dress by 'Variations'. Bust 38", waist up to 35", length 36. £8.

 70s does Edwardian. This one's tiny - bust 33", waist 24", length 54". It has a couple of small tears in one of the ruffles at the front, but it's not very noticeable. £6.

80s electric blue handmade acetate number. Bust 38", waist 30", length 47". £7.

Gharani Strok London polyester blouse. Bust 38", waist up to 36". £8.

90s Italian made cotton shirt by 'Replay & Sons'. Bust 40", waist 38". £5.

70s handmade polyester cut-out back style dress. Another well-made dress, fully lined as well. Bust 36", waist 34", length 36". £8.

60s handmade trouser suit, fully lined. I'll guess it's patly synthetic, feels like poly-cotton, but don't quote me on that! Top - bust 42", waist 40", length 26". Trousers - waist 32", rise 15", inside leg 25", but you could probably get another inch if you let the hem down. £12.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more goodies!


Vix said...

Ooooh! Can I buy that delightful 70s does Edwardian beauty off you? A few flaws don't bother me, I'm full of them!! How do I pay?
I'm loving the weather, I'm wearing frocks that haven't seen the light of day for two years! xxx

Melanie said...

The 70's does Edwardian looks so much like a bridesmaids dress I once wore!

Miss Simmonds Says said...

Yay! Vix bought that dress! It's stunning, can't wait to see her wear it. You've got some wonderful clothes, how much is the trouser suit? I think it'll fit. Is the top of the trousers a zip or elasticated?! Xx

Muhammad Zeeshan said...
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Mohammad Zeeshan said...
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