Wednesday, 10 September 2014

I must go down to the sea again, to the lonely sea and the sky, I left my shoes and socks there, I wonder if they're dry?


 It's been over a year since I last posted. I suppose I just lost interest and felt like there wasn't much point - I really wasn't doing anything interesting enough to share and haven't bothered with dressing up much either, so no outfits worthy of pictures. Life just got in the way - with JB1 going to pre-school and dropping daytime naps, I ended up with no energy or enthusiasm for some things, including blogging. I also didn't know what I wanted to share with the world. Some important decisions have been made and things seem clearer now.

I thought I'd ease back into posting with a few pictures from our recent holiday in Devon.


A short (but steep) walk from Seaton takes you over the cliff path to Beer.

Hedges and wildflowers line the path, with fields on the other side.

 Hawthorne berries hint at Autumn.

Beer harbour from the cliff path

I was born in Devon, but some miles further west in Plymouth. We left when I was fifteen months old, so I don't remember the county from then. I spent most of my teens and early twenties living across the border in Bournemouth, where most of my extended family currently live. Though I've visited the Jurassic Coast on many daytrips and a few holidays, somehow this time I felt really at home - I think one day we'll return permanently.

Sunday, 21 July 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet Part 5

This is going to be a bumper post as it's the last of the clothes that I'm clearing out and there's still shed loads of it! I'm really quite shocked at how much there is. Anyway, here goes:

 80s Canda (C&A) polyester/nylon/elastane blend lace dress. Bust 40", waist 36", length 49". £8.

70s polyester disco dress. Bust 34", waist elasticated, up to 31", length 41". £7.

70s/80s Jean Allen polyester batwing dress. Bust up to about 42", waist 32", length 48". £15.

70s 'Susan Small' cotton wrap dress. Does have some pulls (see picture). Bust approx 33", waist up to 28", length 43". £16.
70s Lilli Diamond of California polyester crepe dress. Was sold to me as 50s, but it's definitely 70s by the label. The skirt has been shortened by a previous owner, but not hemmed. As it's polyester, it won't fray, but you could hem it if you wanted. Bust 36", waist 28", length 43". £20.

70s does 40s 'Laurie Denton' polyester dress, printed with tiny hearts in red blue and green. Bust 36", waist 30", length 36".

70s/80s paisley polyester commercially made dress. Bust up to 50", waist up to 44", length 45". £7.

60s/70s 'Holly Court' polyester dress. Bust 38", waist 32", length 40". £10.

70s does 40s 'Norman Linton' polyester dress. Bust 38", waist 32", length 42". £7.

 60s handmade cotton mini- dress. Has buttons sewn on the inside, so may have had a detachable collar at some point. Bust 37", waist 32", length 32". £8.

80s Marion Donaldson dress in Viyella cotton/wool mix. Bust 38", waist 32", length 46". £10.

60s handmade cotton yoked dress. Has some slight lines of fading on the right front, but you wouldn't notice it when it's worn due to the fullness. Bust 36", waist free, length 31". £5.

60s handmade slevveless brocade shift dress. Bust/waist 46", length 54". £10.

 80s 'Miss H' star print viscose blouse, elasticated back section. Bust 40", waist 34", length 28". £6.
 80s Target Australian made batwing polyester blouse. Bust, up to about 44". £4.

Edwardian style (70s?) button shoulder blouse, bust 38", waist 40". £6.

 70s handmade light cotton blouse. Bust 38", length 21". £6.
80s St Michael cotton/polyester corduroy jacket. Underarm to underarm 38", waist 34", length 25". £8.

70s handmade embroidered skirt. Not sure of fabric, possibly synthetic, has a brushed finish to it. Waist 33", length 28". £7.

80s 'Brigitte Both Coordinates' rustly polyester skirt. I want to say this was made in West Germany, but can't find reference on the skirt. Possibly the seller told me that. Waist 27", length 36". £8.

80s handmade cotton woven skirt. Waist 30", but it's been taken in a couple of inches, so could be altered by removing a few stitches. Length 28". £6.

60s commercially-made polyester lurex maxi skirt. Waist 30", length 42". £8.
80s 'Rhona Roy' lightweight polyester trouser suit. Top - bust 40", waist 36", tapered trousers - waist 28", inside leg 30". £8.

70s Blouse and skirt outfit by 'Pacific 7 London'. Blouse has button cuffs and the classic 70s dagger collar, the skirt has stitched pleats from the waist to about the hips. Blouse - bust 40", waist 36", length 25". Skirt - waist 30", length 39". £10.

70s handmade cotton jacket and skirt suit. This is lovely, beautifully made and finished. Jacket is fully lined. The mannequin doesn't really do the jacket justice as she has no hips! Bust 38", waist about 36", length 27". Skirt - waist 28", length 37". £10.

70s/80s quilted housecoat/dressing gown. Bust 44", waist 39", length 52". £6.

Phew, finished! That's it now for clothes, there'l be another post with a few hats, bags, shoes and other things shortly.

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Such A Perfect Day

What a great day we've had. Spending time with friends in the sun, the children behaving themselves for once and a couple of prizes to boot. A moment to savour and cherish.

First off we spent most of the afternoon with various friends and their children at a small barbeque, the kids played in the paddling pool and actually behaved themselves for once. Then a quick dash to the local flower show to see if we'd won anything. I'd entered a knitting class with the all-in-one suit you can see in my pictures here and the boys toddler group had entered the Frieze by a Pre-School Group class. I got a 'Highly Commended' and the group won first prize and a cup, which JB1 collected and clutched all the way home! I will definitely be going back for more next year! Coupled with the lovely sunshine for most of the day and a nice cool breeze as I type, I almost couldn't be happier (a clean and tidy house would put the icing on the cake, but you can't have it all eh?)

I'll leave you with the BBCs' Perfect Day/Children In Need single from 1997.

Saturday, 13 July 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet Part 4

Sorry, more stuff! I know I'm being a bad blogger, but once I've finished sorting and listing my things for sale, I promise I'll get back to commenting and hopefully more varied posts!

50s/60s Japanese made heavy cotton 'Playmates' playsuit. Bust 36", waist 32". £16.

70s 'Jersey Josephine' Italian made cotton jersey shift dress. Bust/waist 42", length 38". £7.

 70s 'Cooks of St Paul's' button through cotton dress. Bust 42", waist 38". Length 42". £8.

60s/70s St Michael polyester dress. Button through with hip patch pockets. Bust 40", waist 37", length 39". £8.

70s 'Susie G' cotton sundress with hip patch pockets. Bust 37", waist 30", length 38". £8.

60s floral polyester button through dress with patch pockets. Bust 38", waist 33", length 38". £8.

 60s/70s handmade shift dress. Bust up to 52", waist up to 50", length 40". £6.

 80s does 40s commercially made floral polyester dress with hip pockets. Bust 48", waist 40", length 47". £7.

80s does 40s handmade polyester dress with matching belt. Bust 50", waist 52", length 40". £7.

70s 'Victor Roberts' crimplene button-front dress. Bust 40", waist 37", length 43". £7.

80s 'Sensations' embroidered cotton dress. Bust 38", waist 34", length 46". £6.

70s cotton short-sleeved blouse with pockets. Bust 38". £6.

80s/90s lace knit cotton waistcoat. Bust 38". £6.

As before, if there's anything you're interested in, please email me via my profile or leave me a message here.

There will be one more clothing post and one for shoes and accessories, then it'll be all done.

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Cleaning Out My Closet Part 3

Yep, more stuff! Possibly more suited to the actual summer most of the UK is experiencing at the moment. Personally it's a bit too hot for me (I'm more of a 'winter sun' kind of person), but I'll say yes to the sunshine!

Handmade 70s? zip front cotton Church Picnic Dress (phrase coined by Curtise). Bust 40", waist 40", length 41". £8.

70s Spanish made embroidered cotton top. Bust 42". £6.

Another cotton zip front number, by Varrownda', probably 70s. Bust/waist 42", length 40". £7.

Cotton, handmade - anyone seeing a trend here?! Bust 36",waist 34",length 39". £7.

70s cotton handmade sundress. This has been made really well, bound seams, finished facings etc. Bust 35", waist 30", length 40". The shoulder straps have been shortened, so I think you might get another 1.5" in length if you needed it. £10.

80s does 50s cotton button front dress by 'Variations'. Bust 38", waist up to 35", length 36. £8.

 70s does Edwardian. This one's tiny - bust 33", waist 24", length 54". It has a couple of small tears in one of the ruffles at the front, but it's not very noticeable. £6.

80s electric blue handmade acetate number. Bust 38", waist 30", length 47". £7.

Gharani Strok London polyester blouse. Bust 38", waist up to 36". £8.

90s Italian made cotton shirt by 'Replay & Sons'. Bust 40", waist 38". £5.

70s handmade polyester cut-out back style dress. Another well-made dress, fully lined as well. Bust 36", waist 34", length 36". £8.

60s handmade trouser suit, fully lined. I'll guess it's patly synthetic, feels like poly-cotton, but don't quote me on that! Top - bust 42", waist 40", length 26". Trousers - waist 32", rise 15", inside leg 25", but you could probably get another inch if you let the hem down. £12.

That's all for now, stay tuned for more goodies!